Rainbow Keyring Tutorial

Rainbow Keyring Kit

Included in your kit


60cm Rope

6m of yarn in three colours

Sewing thread


You may also need

Sewing needle

Hairbrush (optional)


Step 1

Cut your rope into the following lengths (don’t worry if the ends start to fray a little):

15cm, 20cm, 25cm


Step 2

Choose which colour you’d like to wrap each of the three arcs in, and start with the smallest one. Taking the end of the yarn, fold over the end by 20cm (or just a little longer than the rope), and lay It on top so that the fold sits at one end of the rope, and the tail end overlaps the other end of the rope.

Step 3

Using the long length of yarn, begin to wrap it around the rope and the folded section that is sitting on top. Leave 1-2cm of the end of the rope unwrapped. Continue wrapping firmly and neatly in this way, all along the rope. Gently curve your rope as you wrap.

Step 4

When you reach the end of the rope where the folded loop is, stop wrapping 1-2cm from the edge. Try and leave the same amount unwrapped as at the other end of the rope. Insert the long tail end through the folded loop

Step 5

Pull gently on the tail end that we left overlapping the rope at the other end, and you will see the folded loop and long tail end start to disappear up inside the wrapped section. This action should also help your rope curve into an arc.

Step 6

When the loop has completely disappeared some way, gently pull of the other end of the yarn to check it is secure. You can now trim to two yarn ends.

Step 7

Repeat steps 2-6 for the 20cm and 25cm sections of rope. Make sure that each time you fold the yarn, it is slightly longer than the rope itself. When wrapping, leave the same amount of rope unwrapped at the start and end of each arc, to give a neat finish.


Step 8

To complete your rainbow, thread the needle with sewing thread. Take the smallest and middle arc and lay them against each other. Sew on the spot a few times to secure the thread, then sew through both thicknesses of the rope in large, diagonal stitches to secure the arcs together. You don’t need to sew right through the centre of the rope, as long as you catch it enough to secure it.

Step 9

Repeat for the third arc, attaching the keyring on a loop of thread around the third and largest arc, before sewing it to the middle arc.

Fasten off the sewing thread by sewing on the spot a few times when you reach the far end of sewing the middle and largest arcs together.


Step 10

Finally, brush out and neaten up your unwrapped ends, the tassels at the end of your rainbow, and then trim then into a flat end to complete your rainbow!

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