Macrame Feather Tutorial

Macrame Feather

Included in your kit

Bamboo stick

7m macrame cord


You may also need

Metal bristle hairbrush or pet brush


Step 1

Cut your cord into the following lengths

1 x 40cm         1 x 75cm         20 x 20cm


Set the 40cm piece aside for now, this will be the hanging cord for later.


Step 1

Fold the 75cm piece in half, then pass the middle of the fold over the top of the stick in the middle, so that the folded loop peeps down. Feed the tail ends of the cord through the loop at the top, then pull through and down. Lark’s head knot formed.


Step 2

Now that this central cord is secure, we will be attaching the 20 x 20cm pieces to it using reverse lark’s head knots.


Step 3

Fold a 20cm piece of cord in half and pass it underneath the central cord from right to left, then feed the tail ends of the cord through the loop and pull to the right to tighten. Reverse lark’s head knot formed.


Step 4

Repeat step 2, alternating the direction of each 20cm piece as you add it to the central cord, until all the 20cm pieces are attached.


Step 5

Holding the central cord tightly, push all the reverse lark’s head knots up towards the stick, to condense them.


Step 6

Tie an overhand knot in the bottom of the central cord.


Step 7

Using a hairbrush or a metal-bristled pet grooming brush, take some time brushing out the fronds of your feather, starting at the outside and working in.


Step 8

When you are happy with how fluffy your feather is, trim to shape, creating a point at the bottom, and curving up and around, into a feather shape.

Step 9

When you are happy with how your feather is looking, tie the 40cm you cut earlier to either end of the stick, to create a hanging loop. Your feather is complete!

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