Easy Potato Print Scandi Playtent Tutorial

Potato print Scandi playtent tutorial

Ahh the mighty potato, father of chips, crisps, vodka and ... potato printing! I set myself the challenge of personalising this play tent from Hobbycraft using fabric paint and a potato, and I love the result!

This quick and easy update could also be made with older children for a great holiday make, and then endless hours keeping them entertained playing inside.

Scroll down for the easy tutorial and to see how to make your own.

{The play tent and fabric paint was kindly gifted to me by Hobbycraft, although I was under no obligation to create this post.}

You will need

A large baking potato
Sharp knife
Ready to decorate playtent
Tulip Matte fabric paint in black (I didn't use the white pictured in the end)
Tulip fabric markers
Large ruler

Step 1

Cut your large potato in half and mark out a large half moon shape, approx 2in, on one side and a small half moon, approx 1in, on the other side.

Step 2

Score carefully around the half moon shape with your knife, cutting down about 2cm. Then holding the knife horizontally, cut into the potato removing the top 2cm of flesh around the half moon shape. Repeat for both sides. 

Step 3

Cut your potato into a rectangle around the half moon shape - this will help you to see where you are placing the shape when it comes to printing. Set your potato stamp aside to dry a little.

Step 4

Unfold your tent and, on the front side of all panels, mark out a grid pattern using your ruler and fabric pen. I created a grid in 4in squares for a Scandi look.

Step 5

Turn your tent inside out, ready for the printing stage!

Step 6

Using the two half moon shapes, print shapes on the inside of the two front panels. This way, when you fold the panels back when the tent is set up, the pattern will peep out!
Squirt the black fabric paint into a shallow dish, and dip the shapes gently into it to pick up the paint.
Following the fabric maker horizontal lines (you should just about be able to see them through the fabric), push firmly down on the tent surface to transfer the paint. Don't worry if the paint looks a little patchy or uneven - this all adds to the look. If there are any large patches that haven't been covered at then end, you could always fill them in with a paint brush.

Step 7

Once your paint is dry, you are ready to turn the fabric back the right way, contract your tent following the instructions, and enjoy!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, please do follow me on Instagram at @lottieandalbert to keep up to date with future tutorials! The pattern for the half moon crochet bunting is soon to follow!

Lindsey x

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